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The vision for the ITM is the ideal end state that the ITM and others are working towards. 

"An Ireland where Travellers are proud of their identity and with their ethnicity recognised, can achieve their fullest potential to play an active role in Irish society"


"ITM provides a platform to represent the voice of Travellers and Traveller organisations nationally, by working in partnership with Travellers and non-Travellers alike, to find collective solutions to issues affecting the community in order to achieve equality"

What is the Irish Traveller Movement?

The Irish Traveller Movement (ITM) is a national network of organisations and individuals working within the Traveller community.

ITM was established in 1990 and now has over seventy Traveller organisations from all parts of Ireland in its membership. The Irish Traveller Movement consists of a partnership between Travellers and settled people committed to seeking full equality for Travellers in Irish society. This partnership is reflected in all of the structures of ITM.

The Irish Traveller Movement was formed to be a national platform, through which Travellers and their organisations are enabled to:

  • Highlight the issues faced by Travellers and to press for real solutions.
  • Debate ideas and formulate and promote culturally appropriate initiatives.
  • Provide those active at a local level with support and solidarity.
  • Develop alliances at national level.
  • Challenge the many forms of individual, structural and institutional racism with which Travellers have to deal.

The Irish Traveller Movement has in its membership over 70 Traveller organisations from all parts of the island of Ireland, and has established contact with Irish Traveller groups in Britain.

Membership is open to all those who support the aims and objectives of the movement. For more information on joining the ITM, see the getting involved section of the ITM website

Each year the ITM membership elects a board of management, the ITM Central Group, to manage the organisation. At present the ITM is chaired by Maureen Ward and John McCarthy is Vice Chair. Catherine Morely is Treasurer and Julie Nevin is Secretary.

The Central Group as of June 2012 is:

Maureen Ward (Chairperson)
John McCarthy (Vice-Chairperson & Secretary)
Catherine Morley (Treasurer)
Paddy Sweeney
Hannah McGinley 
Mary Connors
Paul Ginnel
Darren Connolly
Paul Quinn
Mary Helen Connors
Christina Boland

The ITM Staff are as follows:
Brigid Quilligan (Director)
Chantelle Maritz (Part Time Administrator)
Paul Buggy (Receptionist)
Jacinta Brack

Innovative Programmes:

Cena- Culturally Appropriate Homes
Brigid Casey
Yellow Flag Programme
Paula Madden

Accommodation Team

Rose Marie Maughan (part time)
Collette Spears (part time)

Community Development Workers

Rose Marie Maughan (Community Development Worker, Co. Louth, part time)
Bernard Joyce (Community Development Worker, Co. Cavan)

Membership Development Worker

Damien Walshe (Membership)

The ITM is involved in a number of representational roles, ensuring that our Members’ voice is brought to key policy arenas. These include the National Traveller Monitoring and Advisory Committee (NTMAC), the National Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee (NTACC), the National Traveller Education Strategy Advisory and Consultative Forum, the Northern Ireland Traveller Education Taskforce, European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN), European Network Against Racism (ENAR), the Equality Rights Alliance (ERA), the Community Platform, the Community Workers Cooperative, Equality Authority (Community and Voluntary and Stereotyping Subgroups), the Northern Ireland Traveller Network, Public Interest Litigation Alliance and the NGO Alliance Against Racism.