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The Irish Traveller Movement works with its members, Travellers across Ireland, Local Traveller Accommodation Advisory Committees (LTACCs), and the National Traveller Accommodation Advisory Committee to ensure that Travellers across the country are appropriately accommodated.

The ITM is currently developing a Traveller-led model for the delivery and management of Traveller accommodation that will support Travellers to take a lead and participate at all levels including creating opportunities for the employment of Travellers. 

In December 2009 the ITM published a Feasibility Study on the Establishment of a Traveller Led Voluntary Accommodation Association (TVAA), which found that getting Travellers involved in the decision-making processes around the accommodation provided for them is the only way to make significant progress in the area.  

Also in December 2009 the ITM published a discussion document entitled Progressing the Provision of Accommodation to Facilitate Nomadism, in which practical recommendations on the issue of nomadism for Irish Travellers are put forward.  

Both these documents are availabe to download from the Publications section here.

For more information on the Accommodation work of the ITM, contact the accommodation team or 01-6796577