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Equality: The Issue

Travellers experience discrimination as part of their everyday reality. This discrimination is experienced in a direct way in terms of being refused access to goods and services. It is also experienced indirectly in terms of a failure to recognise and validate Traveller culture. This happens through the lack of recognition of Travellers in the school curriculum, the failure of local authorities to address the nomadic needs of Travellers or implementing the medical card scheme in a manner which acts against Travellers who move.

Reversing this situation and achieving equality for Travellers is central to the goal of achieving human rights for Travellers.

Irish Travellers Facing Increasing Discrimination

As part of Al Jazeera's series on these marginalised groups, Tania Page reports from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This clip interviews Travellers from the Glen Road, Belfast in relation to Nomadism, increasing racism and discrimination, which results in poverty and short life expectancy.

[August 18, 2010]

This was broadcast on Al Jazeera