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Role of the ITM Accommodation Working Group


Statement of Intent and Aims

The ITM Accommodation Working Group acknowledges that culture is not static and is constantly changing and developing. Likewise the working group will strive to ensure that its policies and practice reflect this and recognise that Travellers are not a homogenous group but have a diverse set of needs that must be catered for e.g. Travellers with a disability. The working group will work in solidarity with a range of organisations to campaign for Travellers human right to accommodation that meets their needs.


  • To provide a support mechanism within the structures of the ITM for ITM members to develop short, medium and long term policies and actions at a local and national level on Traveller accommodation issues 
  • To strengthen the capacity of local Traveller groups to ensure the implementation of national policy at a local level in a manner appropriate to the local needs
  • To provide a mechanism to ensure that local issues/developments inform national policy
  • To work collectively and in solidarity to address new and existing accommodation issues with a range of organisations
  • To campaign for Travellers right to good quality culturally appropriate accommodation.

If you are not a member of the ITM Accommodation Working Group & would like to attend please contact the accommodation team for dates of upcoming meetings. All ITM members are welcome.