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Policy Submissions
The Irish Traveller Movement publishes policy documents and reports concerning issues relevant to the Traveller community. Most publications are available online in HTML and/or PDF format.

ITM Submission on Tackling Bullying in Schools

Information Leaflet for Traveller Parents on the impact of Budget Cuts on Traveller Education

Irish Traveller Movement submission to the National Education Welfare Board in relation to the development of Guidelines for schools on codes of behaviour

ITM Submission to the Development of the Traveller Accommodation Programme 2009 to 2013

Intercultural Education Strategy Joint Submission by ITM, NTWF and Pavee Point

Irish Traveller Movement Submission to the Taskforce on Active Citizenship

Submission to the Office for Social Inclusion on the Preparation of the National Action Plan Against Poverty and Social Exclusion

Ireland has experienced many years of economic growth, being the second richest state within the European Union after Luxembourg. A number of legislative changes have being implemented, some with a positive impact on Travellers` lives, others clearly negative. An array of institutional arrangements has been put in place over the last decade, both Traveller specific and mainstream, which have the potential to significantly improve the situation of Travellers in Ireland. Yet these arrangement are too frequently marred by a lack of political will and the necessary `teeth` to deliver the required outcomes.