Nomination Form – Traveller Pride Awards 2017

All Nomination forms must be returned before Friday 31st March 2017
Remember: People who have been nominated before but have not won an award can be nominated again – this could be their year!
Please provide a nominee's name - and also confirm you have consent from the nominee for their name to go forward

For which category do you nominate the person/group for a Traveller Pride Award 2017?
EducationMusicYouthCommunityArts or CultureEnterprise or EmploymentSport

The judging panel makes decisions based on the nominations put forward. As the panel receives many nominations each year, we are asking people to take time to put down the key information (no more than 200 words).
Why should this person (or group) win an award?
Things to include on this page:
  • What the nominee has done and why you think they deserve an award in their category
  • What makes their achievement so special?
  • Has it inspired you or others?
  • Has the nominee overcome particular challenges in what they have achieved?
  • Is this the first time a Traveller has done this locally or nationally?
Please note that all nominations will be considered by the judging panel but the nomination form will guide their decision – it is up to you to convince them that this is a worthy winner! Remember, nominations are sought not only from Travellers in local projects, make sure to think about family and friends who you think should win a Traveller Pride Award.
The Traveller Pride Awards 2017 is being organised by a committee comprising The Irish Traveller Movement (ITM), Minceirs Whiden, Exchange House, Pavee Point, National Traveller MABS, the National Traveller Women’s Forum, Involve and the Parish of the Travelling People.
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