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The membership of the Irish Traveller Movement consists of Full Members (Traveller Groups with active Traveller participation) and Associate Members (individuals or other groups who support the aims of ITM) and individual members. The criteria for the three forms of membership are listed below.

For more information on affiliating to the ITM, contact

  • Full Membership for Traveller Organisations
  • Associate Membership for anyone else (Traveller Primary Health Care Programmes, NGOs and Human Rights Organisations, Local Area-based Partnerships, Community & Youth Groups, State Organisations, other individuals, etc.)
  • Individual Membership

Anyone, who supports the aims and core principles of the ITM can affiliate to become a member. Joining the Movement strengthens the organisation and its mandate to advocate and lobby on Traveller issues. In turn members have access to an array of information (especially via our weekly e-zine, the ITM website, newsletters ), and the opportunity to join its working groups, take part in the regional networks and the AGM or become a member of the Central Group, which is the management structure of the Movement.

To develop policy on issues affecting Travellers, the ITM has established a number of working groups. Currently there are four working groups: Accommodation, Ethnicity and Education. The effectiveness of working groups depends entirely on the active engagement of Travelles and other ITM members. From time-to-time, there may also be additional short-term project groups.

Membership of the ITM

1. Full Member
Criteria: Must be a Local Traveller Organisation/ Traveller GroupThe Rights Afforded to Full Members are:

  • Receive all information from the ITM
  • Can be involved in Working Groups and Regional Networks
  • Invited to AGM
  • Full voting rights at AGM
  • Can be member of the Central Group

1.a National/ International Full Member
Criteria: National and International Irish Traveller OrganisationsThe Rights Afforded to National and International Full Members are:

  • Invited to AGM
  • Full voting rights at AGM
  • Receive all ITM information
  • Can be on National Working Groups
  • Can be on Regional Networks

2. Associate Member
Criteria: Organisations and Individuals who support and sign up to the Core Principles, aims and objectives of ITM e.g. Primary Health Care Programmes, Statutory Bodies, Pre-schools, Training Centres, General CDPs, Partnerships etc.

The Rights Afforded to Associate Members are:

  • Can receive ITM newsletter and general information
  • Invited to the AGM
  • Can be involved in National Working Groups

3. Individual Traveller Member
Criteria: Individuals who are not linked into local groups and who sign up to the Core Principles, aims and objectives of ITM.

The Rights Afforded to Individual Traveller Members are:

  • Can receive ITM newsletter and general information
  • Can be Involved in National Working Groups
  • Can be involved in Regional Networks
  • Invited to the AGM

To protect the Core Vision and the collective ownership of the Movement, only full members (i.e. Traveller Organisations) have a vote at the AGM.
Participation in the ITM

Annual Membership Fees

Local Traveller Organisation(Full Member)€250.00
National/ International Traveller Organisation(Full Member)€250.00
Associate Member€100.00
Individual Member(waged)€40.00
Individual Member(unwaged)€20.00

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