Strategic Priorities

As a membership-led organisation, our members determine the key strategic priorities of the organisation.

Through a strategic planning process, members were engaged in discussions across the country to look at developing broad strategic aims for the Irish Traveller Movement. Central to the process was to identify the needs of the Movement based on the experience of members. From these issues, ITM members prioritised the issues based not just what the specific needs are of the community, but also reflective of whether ITM was the appropriate organisation to lead on the issues.

Having identified the key issues ITM was to focus on, members developed a vision of outcomes – visioning what each issue would look like if we managed to progress it. This aimed to look at what the impact of our work should be. This kept the planning process focusing on the changes we want to bring, rather than outputs we can deliver.

Having established the issue (“the need”) and the outcome (“what we want to achieve”) the next stage was to look at what ITM should do to achieve this. Members then looked at what they as ITM will do to actually bring about this change. Members developed the processes or methods we will use, the inputs or resources we will need, and our outputs – what we will actually do.

This dynamic process informed the dynamic process of how the Strategic Priorities were developed and placed the central role of our members at the Core of each aspect of our work.

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