Conflict Management Website

The ITM has developed a conflict management website in response to our members’ needs to develop resources to build the capacity of Traveller Groups to understand the root causes of conflict and develop appropriate responses. Our long-term aim is that this resource will support healthy, vibrant communities by improving communication and building relationships

What is in it? What will it do?

The website is a dynamic resource developed so that Traveller organisations can:
  • Develop a shared understanding of conflict
  • Build awareness or raise awareness
  • Understand conflict and relationship dynamics
  • Understand the range of roles and interventions that can be taken
  • Look at power
  • Take practical steps to build their skills but using specific Tools and practices
What do we want ITM members to have achieved having used the website?
  • There are a number of specific goals that we in ITM have for this website
  • We want it to be a website that staff, management and community members use on a regular basis.
  • We want Traveller groups to actively use this and own the information
  • We want Traveller groups to develop their own analyses based on what has been developed and incorporate conflict management strategies into their work
  • We want Traveller groups to see conflict not only as violence, but as a healthy response to people and groups with differing ideas, needs and opinions. What we want to shift is that conflict is not the issue, but how we respond to it can be a problem
  • We want Traveller groups and Travellers to be more confident in talking about conflict, about being aware of conflict

The conflict management website was developed by Damien Walshe and supported by funding made available by St Stephen’s Green Trust.

Visit the ITM Conflict website :
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