The Yellow Flag Programme

The Yellow Flag Programme was pioneered by the Irish Traveller Movement as an intercultural innovative solution

Its vision is to create a world where all children learn to celebrate & value difference and cultural diversity

It does this by supporting schools through an 8 step programme at the end of which they receive a physical flag in recognition of their work in promoting diversity & inclusion which they can fly outside their school with pride!

In its development the Irish Traveller Movement has ensured the programme doesn’t just focus on Traveller children but promotes the inclusion of all children from both majority and minority backgrounds.

The 8 steps of the yellow flag programme include:
Step 1: Getting Started, Keeping track and promoting the schools of Yellow Flag Work
Step 2: Establishing a Diversity Committee
Step 3: Intercultural Awareness Training for the wholestaff team
Step 4: Carrying out an Intercultural Review
Step 5: Developing an Action Plan
Step 6: Going beyond the School Walls: Engaging with Parents and the wider Community (including building links with local Traveller and Migrant projects
Step 7: Curriculum Work
Step 8: Diversity Code, Diversity Statement and Policy Review

The programme currently operates across the Republic of Ireland in Primary and Secondary schools. Since we piloted the programme with 4 schools in 2008, we have gone on to grow the programme so that currently 69 schools across the country are involved and it is impacting on the lives of 26,000 children and young people. (link to schools involved from website)

We are so proud of the impact the programme has had to date including
  • It has supported 26,000 children to have pride in their own identity and culture and to learn about and celebrate other children’s cultures.
  • It has supported 69 schools to develop an environment in which all children thrive and where unfair discrimination and racism is challenged.
  • It has encouraged and promoted active partnership and engagement and effective communications between teachers, students, parents and the wider community and through this brought the benefits beyond the school walls!.

The Yellow Flag programme is an exciting, innovative programme which we believe has the potential to be a huge game changer in challenging racism and promoting inclusion in Irish society.

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