Peaceful protest today – to demand full investigation into demolition of family home

Peaceful protest to demand full investigation into demolition of family home
TODAY – 20th June 2018 at 2.30pm outside City Hall Dublin.

Labre Park Residents supported by the Ballyfermot Travellers Action Project will hold a peaceful protest outside Dublin City Hall tomorrow 20th June at 2.30 pm to demand an immediate investigation into the demolition of a family home (mobile home) in Labre Park, Ballyfermot, Dublin on Thursday, June 14th.

We demand that DCC Chief Executive Owen Keegan instruct a full investigation into the horrific incident in Labre Park on Thursday 14th June 2018 where a family’s home (mobile home), containing personal belongings and the history of their lives including photos and irreplaceable sentimental items were destroyed under instruction by Dublin City Council without the knowledge or consent of the family.

The investigation must include;
  • Who instructed this action and why?
  • What instructions and information was given by DCC to the contractor who demolished the family home? When were these instructions given?
  • What are the DCC policies in relation to the demolition of a home?
  • What are DCC policies in relation to instructing third parties to enter and remove belongings from a family home without the family’s knowledge or consent?
  • What steps had the council taken to ensure the rights and protection of the family?
  • What is the legislation required to be followed when such action is taken?
  • What evidence do DCC have that the requirements and protections of legislation were adhered to?

The demolition of a family’s home in these circumstances is an outrageous breach of human rights of the family.
Michael and Ann Connors and their children age 16, 12,11,9 and 6 are left devastated by the destruction of their home and traumatised having witnessed it.

The seriousness of this incident at a very minimum requires a full investigation and the person/s responsible for issuing the instruction to demolish a family home must be suspended immediately pending the outcome of the investigation.