Returning to School

ITM wishes all students a successful return to school. It is both an exciting and nervous time for children and their families as everyone tries to adjust to the new circumstances and ensure a safe return to school. We have gathered some information and resources for Traveller families as a support during this time.

Information for Traveller families

It is normal for parents to be feeling worried or anxious about their children returning to school. However, schools have been working very hard to ensure a safe reopening for staff, students and their families. New rules and routines are being put in place to ensure that everyone is kept safe.

The Department of Education has created some videos for children and their parents, which can be viewed here.

It is important that Traveller children don’t miss out on their education. Education is vital to our children’s futures. Pavee Point has produced some advice and information for Traveller parents who may have worries or fears about their children returning to school at this time. Click here to access this resource.

While many parents may be concerned about the risk and dangers relating to children going back to school, it’s important to note the evidence from other countries which tells us that schools are not a major site of spread of Covid-19. Dr Philip Nolan, head of epidemiology at the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET), has said that there is “very little evidence of child-to-child transmission.” If children do get Covid-19, it is most likely that they got it within their homes. The best thing adults can do to keep children safe is to avoid large gatherings of people and follow the public health guidelines which can be accessed here

There is a lot of false and misleading information being shared on social media such as Facebook. It is important to be cautious on social media and to be aware that not everything posted is true or accurate. It’s vital for Traveller parents to get the right information about their children returning back to school. The Department of Education has given information on returning back to school during Covid-19. You can also contact your local school directly.